All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School


All Saints Cof E VC Primary School recognises the benefits and opportunities that new technologies offer to teaching and learning.

We encourage the use of technology in order to enhance skills and promote achievement.

However, the accessible and global nature of the internet and variety of technologies available mean that we are also aware of potential risks and challenges associated with such use.

The following sites will help you support you children when being online;

Safer Internet

All pupils in school have been exploring being safer online and hoe they need to act and react.

The key message is:

Create, Connect and Share Respect- A better internet starts with you

This year’s theme has been chosen as the global Safer Internet Day theme by the Insafe network as it reflects the importance of all stakeholders of the internet in effecting positive change. This change can come from individuals, schools/colleges, organisations, law enforcement and the internet industry itself.

The theme encourages young people to work together to be positive, safe and respectful online. In the UK the campaign will particularly empower young people to take control of their digital wellbeing and explore the opportunities the internet has to offer in a positive way. The campaign encourages young people to consider how they interact with others to develop healthy online relationships.

Please see the resources below within the document section.

Supporting Parents

With the vast number of different social media technologies, keeping our children safe on the internet is becoming increasingly important.

We provide the students with lessons on eSafety at school in PSHE and ICT lessons. We would like to draw your attention to ways you can help keep your child safe with some advice and tips from the sites below.

These sites are useful for parents/carers and pupils.