All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School

St Andrew’s Class

Fire, Fire. Fire

Term 3 is full of fun as we look back long ago at the Great Fire of London in our topic ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’. The children have already been very inspired about our topic through art and have many questions to discover the answers to. Firefighters will be visiting next week so we can compare firefighting now to 1666. At the end of term we will be having our own ‘Little Fire of London’


PE will continue on a Wednesday afternoon and either Thursday or Friday afternoon.


Please continue with your invaluable support and hear your child read at home at least three times a week. It really makes a difference to the progress they are able to make. I will keep updating the blue phonic book with new sounds and sight words.


For the children to make the most of outdoor learning please bring their wellies back into school.

Reception English

In English we will be looking at using our phonic knowledge to start writing sentences.

Reception Maths

In Maths we are consolidating the number bonds that make up 7-10. We will be learning to recognise the coins. Please help us out at home using real coins to either play shops or take cash to the shops and let your children pay for small items.

History Vocabulary

Historical Language – Calendar, century, change, decade, difference, evidence, long ago, now, past, present, significant, then, timeline.

Topic Language – The Great Fire of London, fire, escaping, burning, bakery, London, Samuel Pepys, smoke, diary, buns, bread, River Thames, Tower of London.

 Art Vocabulary

Colour, tints, tones, primary, secondary, warm, cold, thick, thin, Lowry, movement, Great Fire of London, represent, painting.

 Music Vocabulary

Rhythm, rhyme, tune, beat, instrument, fast-slow (tempo), high-low (pitch), loud-quiet (dynamics), texture, layers.

 Year 1 English

In English we will be looking at escape stories and use our skills to create an escape story of our own. Adjectives and adverbs are helping us to improve the quality of our writing.

Year 1 Maths

In Maths we are consolidating place value and working hard on addition and subtraction. Later on in the term we will begin to use and apply these skills using money.