All Saints Church of England Primary School

All Saints Church of EnglandPrimary School

St Patrick’s Class

Term 3 is full of fun as we look back long ago at the Great Fire of London in our topic ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’. The children have already been inspired about our topic through art and have many questions they would like to investigate further.

This term we also have help from Mr. Hughes, a teaching student from Bath Spa. The children have made him feel very welcome and we are sure you will see him around school.


PE will continue on a Wednesday afternoon this term as we take our PPA time. We will also be dancing this term on a Monday and Friday afternoon, preparing our year 2 dance team for the dance festival, which is always an exciting event.

Show & Tell 

The children sometimes like to bring in things to ‘show and tell’ from home, please could you help your child choose something that relates to our topic and limit the amount of times they bring things in, as our timetable is very full.


Please continue to hear your child read at home at least three times a week, talking about what they are reading. Spelling lists have been sent home for the term and will continue as normal.

Fire, Fire, Fire 

‘Fire, Fire, Fire’ is a history based topic which will also include some music and art. Below is some vocabulary for these subjects that will be used within school. You may like to support your child by talking about these words.

History Vocabulary

Historical Language – Calendar, century, change, decade, difference, evidence, long ago, now, past, present, significant, then, timeline.

Topic Language – The Great Fire of London, fire, escaping, burning, bakery, London, Samuel Pepys, smoke, diary, buns, bread, River Thames, Tower of London.

Art Vocabulary

Colour, tints, tones, primary, secondary, warm, cold, thick, thin, Lowry, movement, Great Fire of London, represent, painting.

Music Vocabulary

Rhythm, rhyme, tune, beat, instrument, fast-slow (tempo), high-low (pitch), loud-quiet (dynamics), texture, layers.


In English we will be looking at escape stories and use our skills to create an escape story of our own. Adjectives and adverbs are important in our writing and we have just discovered commas in a list and inverted commas.


In Maths we are consolidating place value and working hard on addition and subtraction. Year 2 will look at statistics and graphs before we all begin to explore and use money.

We hope you will agree that we have planned a term full of exciting learning for the children.

Mrs McConnell and Mrs Hutchings.

St Patrick's Class Teachers